Objects in model turn black

Not positive of the trigger, but it appears like if I have a number of objects in my file (all groups, but I am not sure that matters) and I edit one of the groups, upon exiting the edit mode all the rest of the objects turn black.
It does not happen all the time, but once it starts, it will continue if I bring up my backup and do it again.
I have no idea how to get back from this other than resorting to a backup - which of course I have to repeat all the editing I have done.
1st, how do I avoid this
2nd how do I recover from it and maintain what I have done.
The black objects all appear valid and I can manipulate them. It is just hard to picture what I am looking at.
I can undo out of it, but It still requires me to redo everthing.

Sounds like a Graphic card issue.
Try updating your Graphic Card Driver.

Next time it happens, save a copy and post the skp here. Even a screenshot would be nice.

perfect…here you go.
the object I was working on is clear, the rest are black

Assem Black.zip (3.0 MB)

Everything (or most everything) in the model is painted with a “Black” material color.

Switching the Render Style to Monochrome and/or XRay allows normal navigation.
(I have the “Styles” toolbar upper center so I can see any change.)

I don’t know why the style would be changing by itself though.
Have any “amateur” plugins installed ?

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You know it occurs to me that you may be switching to a scene page which has it’s own style settings. I have a dedicated “Work” scene with a special style (black background and white lines, etc.) Also have dedicated “Print” and “Thumbnail” scenes, each with their own style. (All their styles have the same name as the scene.)

You may be switching to a scene that has shading and/or textures switched on.

I’d suggest you do like I do, and create a modeling scene (with it’s own style of the same name,) that is set to Monochrome with XRay.

The only thing I am doing to trigger this is to EDIT GROUP, then exit that.
The only time I get this is when I do that. I do not have anything SET to give me that display.
Therefore it must be a bug.
I am not switching to scenes I never set up. It is a new install of SK2017 Make.
I have not configured anything except a shortcut for Xray and set my template to 3D printing mm. I have extensions and the only one I have used is CLEANUP.

just remove the ‘black’ material from the model…

re[lace it with default…

the file looks like a ‘messy’ stl import to me, is it?


thk John.
This has occurred in the past. Since I didn’t do anything to specifically make it this way I have no clue how to get it back. Please explain. I looked at material and paint, but it isn’t that.

I downloaded some stl files, imported them and assembled the whole object, then decided to modify the pieces. So this has been an skp file for a while now.

I removed it in the Materials ‘In Model’ window, which may differ slightly as I’m on a mac…

the black is applied to the groups themselves, not the faces, so exploding and re-grouping would move it to the faces…


OK, I found it. The question remains, why does it change without instruction???
Exploding and regrouping does not fix it.

If the material is applied to the group, exploding the group would result in the material being applied to the faces. That certainly won’t fix the problem.

You said:

Which other extensions do you have installed?

I also use SuSolid a lot, but the rest of these I haven’t figured out yet so most are never even opened.

One more quirk that just recently started also. When I click to explode, it does not do it the first time, I must click twice. Maybe it is connected.

Although you may not actually use these extensions, they do load on startup and it isn’t unheard of to have extensions making modifications to models automatically.

I looked at your SKP file. Some of the components are “double wrapped”. When you explode them you are only getting rid of one wrapper. Look at the model structure in Outliner. You can see that there’s a component wrapper around a group in many cases.

This is inefficient modeling practice.

So did you draw this model yourself or did you import the file from somewhere else?

There are few plugins listed that are either unsuitable for newer SketchUp versions, or plain ‘old’.

Try uninstalling this one using the SketchUcation submenu Uninstaller:


but it’s unlikely to be the source of your issue, though.

Try disabling these using SketchUcation Plugins Manager [unlikely culprits but please test]:


Also be aware that the following code is in the process of being rewritten and some of the toolset might currently cause issues when used in v2017:


although again it’s very unlikely to be the source of any ‘black’ issue…

The following now has a newer version - check its compatibility before updating…

!SketchUcation_loader [now SketchUcation_Toolset]

I also suggest you use the newer SketchUcation ExtensionStore³ Update function to update your Plugins ‘globally’…
Not all will be update-able - but most will…

Did you make the material named 'black' or does it just appear ? Have you ever painted any of the affected geometry, or containers [groups/component-instances] ?
As Dave says, the model is inefficiently made, and in Monochrome mode you can see that several parts are 'inside-out' - you should never see the blue-gray back-face material - reverse/orient faces to resolve this...

How do the objects get double wrapped? If I group anything more than once it is because I am connecting it with another group. I don’t do that on a single object. Is that another bug or a config? It wasn’t happening until I started this project.

Yes, I guess I have totally ignored the fact that plugins get updated. Thanks for waking me up.

The black just appears when I close the edit group function.
I have no material set in this model.

At some point I get all the faces set right, I wasn’t at that point yet in this edition.

I imported the basic model but have significantly modified them since.

Since I have found no case in which a Group works better than a Component, i always make a component directly I draw anything, by triple clicking to select all of what I’ve just drawn, then press the letter g key to make a component. I always give it a meaningful name, too.

I THOUGHT I remembered that if you make a group, then make that group into a component using Make Component, it ‘wrapped’ the group in the component, but I can’t now reproduce that behaviour.

But I see that all your components are wrappers for a group.

well the reason I usually make a component is to be able to save that part in a separate file - I’m sure there is probably a better method I don’t know - and I have done that in this project. However, when I open the file I also find the part is not grouped as it was when I created the file. I think that is what you are saying.

I’d say that’s a clue to one of your problems. If you Save a component as a .skp file and open that file you are effectively opening the component for editing, so you will not see the wrapper and you will be tempted to wrap it again. Then when you close the file and use the component it will be double wrapped.

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Interesting tidbit, thanks
Would that somehow be causing the black issue?