Objects beneath telegraphing through surface

Does anyone know why the objects (roof purlins) are telegraphing through the metal roof surface and are visible? Back-surfaces are not turned on, and the metal roof surface is drawn at 1/2" thick, so I’m not sure why this is happening. Any suggestions on how to correct this? Thanks in advance!
LICC Womens Center.skp (696.7 KB)

This is a well-known OpenGL artifact. It’s due to the fact that as the camera zooms out, the relative distance between the top face of the roof and the geometry behind gets to be closer to zero. The solution is to turn off tag visibility for the objects underneath the thin roof surface. Those objects don’t actually need to be present in the view.

It would also help if your model wasn’t located a mile from the origin. You should keep your model close to the origin.

Does the stuff I show as selected here add anything useful to your model? If not, you could stand to erase that extra geometry.

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This might help…


@TheOnlyAaron , you beat me to it, I took a little time finding that tutorial and when I came back to post, there it was, and by the author himself no less!

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Thanks for your help!

Thanks so much for the video… it was very helpful!