Objects become outlines when I zoom in

Hi everyone,
I hope someone can help!
All of a sudden objects in my design are turning to outlines when I zoom in. They return to normal when I click anywhere on the design. Has anyone experienced this and found a solution please?

I expect you are seeing a design feature that kicks in when the graphics card can’t keep up with rendering the view as you zoom, orbit or pan. This can happen when you have very highly detailed models and with large texture images. Having Shadows turned on can affect that, too. The aim is to allow you to make adjustments to the camera more smoothly by sacrificing some detail while the graphics card catches up.

I can induce this with one of my models which is heavily detailed. You can see how shadows drop out momentarily, too.

What is the graphics card in your computer? Your profile doesn’t list the graphics card in the space indicated.

Hi, thanks DaveR,
That is exactly what is happening. My graphics card is Intel® Core™ i7-6500U.
Funnily enough I do not have the same problem with a two day old version of the same file. Luckily I save a new version every day but I would still like to know the reason behind this as I would have to lose two days work if there’s no solution. :frowning:

This is a CPU although according to the Intel site, it would include an Intel® HD Graphics 520 GPU which is definitely not a high performer for this kind of graphics.

The drop out you are seeing isn’t an indication of work lost. It’s an indication of your hardware not being up to the task you are asking of it. It doesn’t actually hurt the model.

Since an older version of the file doesn’t exhibit the problem, look at what you’ve added since then. Most likely you’ve added some elements with a lot more geometry and/or large textures. It might be that you can reduce the occurrence of the drop out by proper use of layers and turning off visibility for groups and components that you don’t need to see. Changing the style to one that doesn’t show textures could help although in my example there are no textures at all. Turning off Shadows if they are on could also help to reduce it.

The best solution is to use a computer that has an appropriate graphics card.

If you share the SKP file, it might be possible to give you some additional tips.

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