Objects disappearing

At times using Sketchup, my objects keep disappearing? For example, my floor becomes a solid color instead of its original flooring, and some of my objects in my model becomes opaque. So you only see the outline of the object. This usually happens when I orbit around my model. Is there a way to stop this from happening?

Sure. Stop orbiting.


If you mean this is happening while you orbit, and then the display returns to normal when you stop orbiting, this is a case of the proverbial “it’s a feature, not a bug.” It’s not something you can stop because it’s part of the basic operation of the program.

Prior to, I think, version 7, when this blanking behavior was introduced, the SU team was fielding a lot of complaints about users’ machines becoming non-responsive during orbiting and panning. The machines had to labor desperately to catch up with the sudden huge surge in demand for CPU and GPU resources needed to continuously paint and repaint the display as the scene shifted. Users had to sit there and wait until the machine became responsive again: an annoying waste of time and patience.

The solution, which I believe has been tweaked and re-tweaked in successive SU versions, was to supress the display of certain display attributes–like textures and shadows and sometimes even faces–during camera movements, to a degree depending on the complexity of the model and available system resources. The idea was to give a snappier feel to SU’s response time when manipulating large models.


@kn13 The 3 system questions in your profile are not answered correctly. This makes it hard to answer questions that have to do with display or rendering issues.

You didn’t tell us much about your model, but as Gully indicated, you may be pushing your computer resources. There are some things you can do to improve performance.

If you want specific recommendations about improving SU performance with that file, then share your model with us.