Object is outlined and fills with blue dots but I can't fill it

Hello. I haven’t been here in a long while. I recently updated my computer and lost access to all my Adobe Photoshop/Fireworks/Illustrator programs. Apparently they were running on 32-bit and I unknowingly updated to a 64-bit program. So, I thought I’d attempt my project in Sketchup.

I am helping a friend design a log and although it took a lot of time I managed to get a good first draft. I wanted to tweak the S in Salt so I copied it opened a new window and it just refuses to co-operate! I’ve checked all the lines and they appear to be connected and on the same plane. I can click the object and I get the blue dot fill but when I try to fill it with the paint bucket nothing happens. I’ve re-done it three times and the same thing happens. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
practice S.skp (168.5 KB)

The model is currently set to a Hidden Line face style, which does not show materials. Change it (View - Face Style) to Shaded with Textures to get your materials to show up.

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Holy-Moly! One tiny thing like an unchecked box cost me hours of grief! :smile:

Thank you very much!!!