Object face count plugin or something?

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I’ve recently been working with one of the highest face-count models ever, with 18,000,000+ faces! It’s basically a whole city block for a development with most details and furnishings in there. And this made me hope that when I click on a group or component, wouldn’t it be nice to see how many faces/edges/etc. are in there before I decide what to do with it?

Is there a plugin for this that I don’t know about?


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I’d be nice if there was a collapsible statistical section in the Entity Info panel.

It’s not very fast, but …

… you can see the statistics for component definitions by selecting them in the “In Model” collection of the Components inspector, then switching to the “Statistics” tab and checking the “Expand” box …


Groups however do not appear in the Components inspector by design.

CADman has a plugin for uploading to 3D Warehouse:


might be of use.

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You can try my plugin FredoTools::ElementStats, which give you statistics on objects when you hover over them.