A plugin providing information about the model via Poly counts


here’s a quick explanation: I am looking for a plugin that will give me the amount of polygon on the specific model I selected from multiple models. But using the Model Info’s statistic and it only gives you the total of polygons that all of the multiple models have.

is there a plugin that exists or not? I would appreciate any information or methods that could help me do what I said above. If you have any questions, then just go ahead and ask.

Try CADman tools and extensions:


Or this one from Fredo6…


If you inserted them as ‘models’ , they should be in your ‘in model’ collection, in the component pane.l Window>Default tray> check the component panel
You can view the statistics of each individual component(=model) in there:
Select ‘in model’ collection (little house icon) and then a component. Select the statistics tab.

Thank you for answers. These answers above are excellent!

Have a great day!

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