Object "Bleed Through"

Hey All… I am getting unwanted bleed through my 1" thick “cladding” solid. see the attached… Ghose lines appear the closer I zoon to my model… It gets worse when I am selecting sketchy edge styles. very frustrating and I am hoping there is a solution here.

That will happen, especially with a Sketchy edge style, whenever surfaces are relatively close together. and relatively close is all relative to how zoomed you are on a model. The best way to eliminate this is to apply a tag to the roof members and toggle it off when you are zoomed out. Otherwise, the 1" thick roof material will not be thick enough to keep the edges of the members hidden.

Thanks man… I guess i do have everything set on its own tag so wouldn’t be a big deal to toggle off… it also happens in the regular modelll… Awsome I just tried it and that will work for my various scenes… thanks fulla!!!

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