Object Animation & Scene Rendering

I have looked at several threads about animation and rendering lately and wondering what is the best combination for creating animated scenes, object animation and rendering (NPR is fine with me).

I model car wash equipment layouts and would like to be able to produce a higher quality product that is animated. I have read about and looked at some videos about plugins like Proper Animation, SU Animate and a couple more.

Here are links to 2 versions of an animation I created using the trial version of the Keyframe Animation plugin:

Now, here is what I would like to do to take this to the next level:
• Put the equipment inside of a building
• Provide a “walk through” type of view of the building
• Show other aspects of the complete car wash (i.e. payment stations, vacuum system, office, and support equipment)
• Enhance the entire car wash and equipment with enhanced materials from a rendering engine
• Provide a video or, even better, a WebGL version of the animated car wash and equipment
• Find a tool that would allow me to animate some additional pieces equipment that spray water and foam

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Well this is already perfect from my point of view there is something need to add is that enhance the video quality and you can use the latest version of WebGL 2.0, Actually I am also here to learn the animation and can’t provide exact information about this topic, because I work on AE (Adobe After Effects) and make promotion video animations for this business purpose well I think here I will have a different experience and opportunity to learn different tools for making a different kind of existing animated videos. I love your work really great effort.

Thanks for the positive comments. If you notice, this thread is quite old. Since then a different animation plugin (Animator) was developed by Fredo6. It has many more features. Another one (MS Physics - I think) also provides many ver interesting animation capabilities as well.

Depending on what type of animation and presentation you are wanting to achieve and the budget you have, other options might also include Lumion, SimLab Composer, and Shapespark.

Don’t forget Keyshot

Have not tried that one.

I don’t make car washes but I have done similar things such as vehicle maintenance bays and assembly lines in SketchUp and all animated, Keyshot worked out great. You can import the native file with everything grouped as you set it up in SketchUp then easily set up the animation with some simple commands.

Does it support SKP files?

Can you animate sub groups?

Would like to see one of your animations.

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Yes and yes, hmm let me have a look 99.9% is work related and not allowed to be shown but I must have something somewhere… nope I have lots of personal Keyshot, but nothing really moving, only turntables.

Ed: Here is an example from Chris Rosewarne, this is just native SketchUp to Keyshot direct. The robot arms will have been grouped accordingly in SketchUp so that they can be animated. One group for the entire arm, sub groups for each segment.

I would recommenced buying his newest tutorial just to see the process, it’s quite cheap only €10.00: Christopher Rosewarne

@chippwalters may have some KeyShot animations of SU models…

unless my memory is total toast…


Hi John,

Y’know, I don’t think I do. I’ve done a few animations with KeyShot, but it’s animation capabilities are pretty simplistic. That said, it would work probably just fine.

If it were me, I’d use Blender 2.8 ,(it’s free) and it’s realtime renderer called EEVEE. It not only is a photorealistic renderer, it also renders your scene at realtime or close to realtime speeds.

I’m currently doing a tutorial series for transferring finished SketchUp scenes to Blender 2.8, texturing there (without UVs, just like SketchUp and KeyShot) and then lighting and animating using EEVEE.

The workflow is amazingly simple.

Hope to have it ready before Christmas.

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I see something from Simlab that can do animations.Web page is here