Object Animation & Scene Rendering


I have looked at several threads about animation and rendering lately and wondering what is the best combination for creating animated scenes, object animation and rendering (NPR is fine with me).

I model car wash equipment layouts and would like to be able to produce a higher quality product that is animated. I have read about and looked at some videos about plugins like Proper Animation, SU Animate and a couple more.

Here are links to 2 versions of an animation I created using the trial version of the Keyframe Animation plugin:

Now, here is what I would like to do to take this to the next level:
• Put the equipment inside of a building
• Provide a “walk through” type of view of the building
• Show other aspects of the complete car wash (i.e. payment stations, vacuum system, office, and support equipment)
• Enhance the entire car wash and equipment with enhanced materials from a rendering engine
• Provide a video or, even better, a WebGL version of the animated car wash and equipment
• Find a tool that would allow me to animate some additional pieces equipment that spray water and foam

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.