OBJ file axes. can they be changed in SketchUp 2017



Is it possible to change the axis for OBJ files in sketchup 2017?

As the export STL is not supported I exported as a 3d OBJ file, this was
rotated by 90 Deg when opened in Cura 2.3.0

You can rotate in Cura but this is very sensitive and seams to confuse Cura
ie: the build plate adhesion is incorrect when the print is rotated.

How can I change the axes to prevent this?

If there is no way of changing the axes I will have to revert back to SketchUp 2016.

Phil Sharrock


You can export and import STL directly from SketchUp using the SketchUp STL extension from the Extension Warehouse. It is not yet marked as compatible with SU 2017, but I found that it will install and run.


Thanks, Steve will install it