Nothing else than the sample files open


I can open the “Dance Center” and “SketchUp Logo” sample files and they work perfectly, but any other model from Dropbox/local memory/3D warehouse does not open. The loading screen with the SketchUp logo simply keeps rolling indefinitely.

I am using SketchUp Viewer 4.0.1(715) on OnePlus 5T with Android 8.1.0.

EDIT: works perfectly on Honor 8 with Android 7.0.


how large are your files?


I have same problem. My file is 250kb


Can you upload the file here?
Maybe there is somethinvg in the file tgat prevents loading


I tried with a minimal example of a 3D cube, size 15 kB. No success.


It’s not the file. See the EDIT in the first post. Has to do something with the phone/Android version.