"No applications to perform this action"

Hi there,
I purchased and installed mobile viewer today on my brand new Samsung S2 Tablet. I have a few models stored locally - all *.skp format. I logged in to the 3d Warehouse successfully. I can open the generic dance studio from home - which is the only file available in the app. When I navigate to my own files they will not load and show a “No applications to perform this action”. When I navigate to the Dance Studio .skp it shows the same error message. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Help please.

Sorry, I just came across this forum post, are you still seeing issues opening SketchUp files on your tablet? Can you open files from the 3D Warehouse? Which Android version are you running? If you are still seeing issues, please email: Android Support for assistance with the SketchUp Mobile Viewer on android devices.


We have been facing some issues with third party File manager applications [In Android 6.0] where it does not open apps of any type.
Can you please install this applicationn from the Google Play and check if the issue still persists ?

Thank you. I’ve installed that app and I seem to be able to open my models now from within that file manager.
Kindest regards