"Not Responding" every time I try to select from the menu at top

I didn’t follow good modeling habits in the beginning and now I’m paying for it!
Its time to start rendering views of my model, I turned on shadows and as a result, SketchUp has been “(Not Responding)”…when it does finally respond if I try to go back to view to deselect the shadows or click anything in my model, it goes right back to not responding…so I’m kind of at a standstill. I saved my file so I tried closing it and then re-opening it, but it reopens with the shadows still on (because I can’t turn them off) and I have the same problems all over again. Also, after it does come back each time, the menu bar at the top is still shaded over…the file, edit, view, camera…etc

Shadows are graphics intensive and according to your profile you haven’t got an ideal graphics card for the job.

How large is the model file? It might be that you could purge some stuff to lighten the model. It might be that the model could be simplified.

Can you share the .skp file?

This is an important thing. A lot of users think it’s too much work or too time consuming to use good modeling practices up front and then, like you, they pay for it later.

Fortunately, I had a “3D printing style” scene saved, so I was able to go to that and get out of the not responding cycle. I cleaned up my model as much as I could (I’ve been purging along the way every time I delete something) but I saw on my layers that I had a location tag and I think it was a part of something I imported from the warehouse…I speculate that was bogging it down because now I’m able to use the shadows and just rendered a scene. hallelujah!

I’ll have to look into getting a better graphics setup in the future…I’m in my second year of school and just purchased the recommended tech, and I know a lot of my classmates are experiencing similar issues. That being said, my file is LARGE…about 160MB (it’s not even a super complicated project)
I’ve read a lot of tips on reducing the file size so going into my next assignment I’ll definitely apply them from the start.
Most of my materials are from podium browser also bump depth and reflection heavy…so I think that’s also taking a toll…but I don’t want to compromise on the materials because I feel like it makes for a better rendered image.

This could be a huge problem if the object you imported came in with a location geometry and image, even if the Tag/Layer was turned off or it was hidden. The best workflow when getting things from the 3D Warehouse is to import them into a separate file, first. Examine them closely and clean up as needed. Then copy the component to paste into your project.

Often you will find things like furniture, bath fixtures, and kitchen appliances that are overly detailed for what you need. Using them as they come will certainly bog down your model file. It’s a good idea to be kind of brutal stripping models down. For example if you need an under-counter dishwasher, you most likely don’t need anything but the front. Refrigerators and ranges generally don’t need any internal, bottom, or back details and you probably don’t need labels on knobs or keypads.

Good luck.

That’s a great point, I never thought to import them separately but that makes a ton of sense. Thank you!

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