I think I broke SketchUp with a XXXXL Component

HELP :sob:

I’ve been working on a model since this morning and I messed up.

I made a 3D rendition of my new apartment to see what would work and what wouldn’t in the space. So I go to the 3D warehouse and download a Samsung pc monitor and once it loads- it’s MASSIVE. So I try scaling it down to size since I liked the look of it and BAM! now SketchUp isn’t responding. I have no idea what to do. I’ve tried closing it and opening it up. But the same thing happened where it can’t even load now and just says “not responding” at the top.

Please tell me I don’t have to start all over again and that there’s a fix…

Not Responding generally means SketchUp is busy and won’t respond to further commands. Basically it’s saying “Go away and let me do what you asked me to do.”

Is the giant component you downloaded still in the file? Maybe you can share the SketchUp model file so we can take a look at it and try to help you. Assuming the file is too large to upload directly, save it to DropBox or Google Drive and share the link.

FWIW, it’s always best to download components from the 3D Warehouse into a separate file so you can make sure they are clean and the right scale before you bring them into your project.

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Thank you for the tip on downloading components! I’m still new to this. SketchUp finally stopped saying “not responding” however, everything is missing now. All tags are still showing so I’m trying to figure out if it’s all hiding or not.

Again, if you share the file with us we can help you get it sorted.

Amigo, no soy experto en SketchUp, últimamente he estado trabajando en un proyecto muy pesado, llevo 3 semanas descargando modelos y componentes para completarlo y últimamente he descargado modelos muy pesados, cuando carga siempre dice: ‘‘Sketchup Pro 2020 No Responde’’

Esto siempre se soluciona con el tiempo ya que aunque tengo un buen PC el proyecto es muy pesado y se queda procesando la data
La frecuencia también depende de los recursos de tu PC, yo te recomiendo que dejes cargando el archivo ya que cuando dice que el programa no responde se puede decir que te esta pidiendo tiempo, yo siempre hago eso, lo dejo que cargue y así puedo trabajar bien.
Solo dale tiempo a que cargue