Not rendering properly on Nexus 7, Android v6.0.1

Just downloaded v3. As I commented on beta, one model in particular isn’t rendering properly. Looks OK on first opening, and on orbiting immediately after first opening. But when I close app, go back and reopen model, and orbit again, rendering is horrible - parts go wireframe instead of shaded/coloured, texture on the sides of the sloping ramp go missing, diagonal braces under rostrum tops change to jumbled mix of horizontal and vertical lines, or go missing entirely, and there is horrible Z-fighting on ply and hardboard panels that were fine in v2.3.

Image is from Nexus 7, Android v6.0.1, SU Mobile viewer v3.0 (497)

Here’s approximately the same view from the same v3 on my phone - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, same Android version, where it looks fine.

Is there a graphics/OpenGL driver issue on the Nexus that’s causing this?

It doesn’t seem to be memory related - it says it has 1.8GB memory, and 792MB free when running SU and a couple of other open apps. SU maximum usage 183 MB.

The model itself is only about 6MB - zipped version attached if it helps debug this.
UMW set (2.8 MB)

Hi John,
Thanks for sharing the model. I was able to open it and view the model without issues on my iPhone 6s. Will pass along the model for testing on other devices and see if perhaps there’s a bug that’s related to certain graphics drivers or something. It’s a small enough file that I would expect your device should be able to render it without any memory issues.

I agree that I can’t see any reason it should be a memory limitation.

Does the hardware manufacturer provide the graphics driver, or is it built into Android?

If the former, where might I look for an upgrade? Or does upgrading Android version provide the latest driver?

And I may have forgotten to mention it. The Nexus displays correctly when you first open a scene. But as soon as I orbit or zoom, it breaks up as illustrated, or even worse - sometimes going wire frame over a large part of the view. Don’t know if that helps diagnosis.

I see I forgot to mention above that the same model rendered without problems on my Nexus 7 in the previous v2.3 of SU Mobile.

Perhaps it’s the new rendering engine, rather than the graphics card driver/renderer, that is causing the problem?

Or some combination…