Display problem with sketchup viewer

Galaxy tab S2 with android 7.0.
The file was opening just fine but after few small changes (material color) it wasn’t displayed properly anymore. There is sawtooth pattern on the edges.

P.S. The site is inpossible to use on a tablet. The "sketchup header keeps moving over the create topic form and even when it’s properly positioned on the top it takes precious space and the form can’t fit in the screen when the keyboard is on

Other users have reported this problem, also in SketchUp (not the viewer). I’ve got the impression it is related to high DPI displays, but as I don’t posses one I can’t experiment on this myself. One possible explanation is that these jags always are present for textured faces, but supposed to be hidden behind the edge, or be too small to be seen. A possible explanation why these jags are visible on some screens could be that the rendering engine base the “jagginess” value on logical pixels, not physical.

@Barry do you know who could have more knowledge about this?

Another, perhaps improbable possibility is that the model is far enough from the Sketchup model origin for OpenGL artifacts to start happening. Do other models perform better?

I have found it quite OK to use in an old Ipad

My Asus zenpad with the same android version as the OP seems to work ok.

We have observed this in some situations. If you can PM me the model or an id in the 3DWarehouse, we’re looking for test models to check this out with specific devices and settings. Thanks.

I couldn’t find how to send PM. I uploaded it in WH:

I downloaded the 2015 model to ensure it’s still bad. Didn’t test the others.

Screen Viewport: 683x911px
pixel ratio: 2.25
display resolution: 2048x1536

@mics_54 As I said, first time I opened the same file it was fine. Then I changed it - still ok. I changed it few more times and then it started displaying like this.

Here is a worse case - the solid color brown border of the cabinet’s top is 1cm thick. Usually I see through planes that have no thickness, but this one is pretty thick and yet it’s transparent in some places. You can see the texture behind it.

Here is how new topic shows on my tablet:

The top field is hidden by the title line. I see no reason why the title line should stay on top. It’s taking space which is never enough with todays wide screens.

I found an old copy of the file that works just fine:

Sorry, I made A mistake. All the files are bad in perspective View. And the files look good in orthographic View

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That is interesting! You mean there are no “bad” files at all, the error id independent of file and only dependent on the projection? Now I’m curious what happens when you change field of view (Hit Z, type an angle in degrees and hit Enter).

In perspective it looks fine up to 8-10 deg, then starts going worse. The peak is about 25 deg. for field of view > 25 deg. the effect depends on zoom level. Well actually there are some zoom levels that look bad at 10 deg, but you have to be really closely.

It seams like the effect appears at certain zoom level for certain field of view. The lower field of view, the closer you need to get to see the effect.

At least I can see the model clearly in orthographic view.

Here you can see the back faces of some surfaces. However that only happens to thinner objects. Regardless of zoom level and field of view I can’t make the walls to get transparent. Or in other words the effect happens when there is something in close proximity behind the surface. The walls only get the effect around the edges.

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Any progress?

Is there any chance you’ll at least let me know what’s going on. I paid for this software and I expect it to work.

I just bought Samsung Galaxy S7. It is also with android 7.0 as the tablet but it doesn’t have the problem at all.

I’ve just received an app update, hoping that this issue was fixed. It wasn’t. Instead now there is a popup that want’s me to rate the app and it pops up every minute or so. very annoying. Here is a photo of my phone and the tabled showing the same file:

The phone and the tablet have the same android version.

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