Not render auto hole component


I am very new to SketchUp and VRay.

I am trying to render a simple house with door and window (component with auto hole punch trough)

I found when render is just a blank white wall. I got a lot sketchup model with this type of technique to render.

Is there anyone that can assist me with some render settings or tips?

Here is my render:

Using cutting components in SketchUp 2017 will show this issue in V-Ray. You can find other discussions about this in the forum.
You will have to create the hole in the wall yourself.

Im not having thi issue when render in artlantis… so sad to cut all my windows and doors again.

It might only take a few moments… then continue to render with V-Ray in SketchUp 2017

or you can render cutting components with V-Ray in SketchUp 2022