Vray Batch render


I’m using sketchup en Vray 2022. For rendering i would like to use the batchrender tool.
But the programme doesn’t render de scenes that i set up in sketchup. How can i fix this?

Hi Susan, you would have to share the file here to get a good answer.
Probably your Vray settings too.
I can’t help you as I don’t know anything about Vray…

Make sure firstly to enable ‘Save Image’ in the Asset Editor and specify a file path. Then make sure you are on your first scene…then click Batch Render from the V-Ray Toolbar. Let me know if that doesn’t work for you as it should.
See here:

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your help! I have the save frame option on. But it still doesn’t render the scenes that I installed. It renders random views near to the first frame.

Have you checked that the scenes are included in the animation?

Yes, unfortunately that’s not the solution because it’s checked on.