Not possible to change size of an object - measurements box is grayed out

In SketchUp LayOut it is not possible to change the size of an object by typing in numbers. The field for measurements is grayed out and I can not enter any values.

Anyone else has this problem?

Share the LayOut file so we can see what it is you are working with. I expect the real problem is incorrect usage or incorrect expectations of how LayOut works.

I am working on a Mac.

Exactly what steps are you following. It works for me.
resize LO

You can’t just select the rectangle and type in new dimensions.

It looks the same here. I scale and then try to type in. System does not take any inputs from the keyboard.

Are you clicking to set the corner after dragging it? If so, don’t. Just let go of the mouse and while the current dimensions are displayed in the box, type the new ones.

No I drag and just release the mouse button. The I type. Otherwise rectangle would be grayed out.

Now it works. I do not know why.