Not all lights appear

Hi Community, something frustrating is happening in my model,

its has 4 spot lights and one large cylinder all with the same material

i added the emmisive layer with white light and multiplied in 12

I already check the faces, re do the piece even change the material and added the emissive layer on it but occurres the same, just one light is light on.

If anyone know how to solve this my life will be saved.

As you are talking about features that do not exist in SketchUp, I gather that you are talking about some rendering plugin. At least, name the plugin that you are using, and/or go to the website of the plugin author and ask your question there.


I use the V ray plug in.

Post in the Vray forums !!

Easy there tiger… There’s enough V-Ray users around here to answer this now that we how what render software he’s talking about.

So where are they then ?
He really should get better responses at Vray direct ?

Yea, not saying that asking about V-Ray stuff in the V-Ray forums isn’t a bad idea, but it did read as if you where shouting at him to get out of this forum.

NO - I was just pointing out, there were better places to ask this kind of thing…
This is a SketchUp forum… NOT a Vray one…
And of course, THIS IS SHOUTING !
And you have known me long enough to realize that I never really “shout” - although, of course, like you, I can be a little tetchy at times… :wink:

Yea I know you’re a gentle soul TIG. :wink: I just thought the double exclamation points sounded a bit terse for a response to a first time poster. Just wanted to soften the blow.

And this is a SketchUp forum, you’re right, but V-Ray has an extension for SketchUp and asking questions in regard to SketchUp related questions are perfectly fine here (which was the point I wanted to pointedly point out). Nudging people to get assistance for specialized forums is off course also fine.

We’re on the same page here.