Not able to push inward?

I’m very new to Sketchup but am loving it. I’m trying to make a jointed post and was following the directions in this video Sketchup for Woodworkers - Joints, joints, joints - YouTube at 17:16 or so he pushes a smaller rectangle inward. I get to that same spot with my own version and it won’t let me push inward. It allows me to pull it out but when I try to push in, nothing happens. I uploaded my model and I think this is the link. Help with this joint? | 3D Warehouse Any help/input would be greatly appreciated!


Hey John,
Your post is a group, that’s good. The rectangle is outside of that group. Double click the group to edit. You can cut or copy the rectangle and paste in place once you enter the context of the post.


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You need to be in the same context. Your ‘post’ is a group and your rectangle is outside the group so it can’t interact with it.
Open the group for editing, (double click or right click and select open for edit) and draw your rectangle on the face inside the group.
Same time as shep.

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YES! Thank you! lol Does editing it like this automatically make that new rectangle part of the existing group for the future?

Yes, whatever is inside the group remains inside.

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