Nope, greed has taken over Trimble's brain

I made an account here to let Trimble know it has lost a user. The subscription only model is disgusting and the way it was announced as a good thing for the consumer was just insulting.

IF they manged to pull their heads from their backsides and permit a free non-commercial license like almost everyone else then I could be slightly less offended, but the concept of the never ending payments for typically less updates and features over time is just another anti-consumer move by these software companies.

Trimble got its market share by opening itself up for wide spread hobbyist usage and kept it’s own feature development cost down by forcing 3rd parties to develop useful plugins. What now? Stupidly high ongoing prices for what? There are other programs out there that cater for the now ignored hobbyist market there.
I won’t spend an hour going through point by point my issues with the software as it would counterproductive but I have now migrated to Fusion 360 and it does most of what I need it to do.

As this is the official forum for SU, I encourage a Trimble rep to discuss with me if they desire.

Thank you and don’t worry I wont hurt more feelings by putting a naughty word here.


Could you tell me the things you are unable to do as a hobbyist with Make 2017?


Nope, I am not interested in having a conversation witrh forum members, if Trimble want to respond then I will do so in kind. I posted this to inform and record my dissatisfaction with Trimble’s business methods and issues I will no longer tolerate.

Good day.


Well if you won’t deign to list what it is you have issues with we can’t help you get past any shortcomings you or the program appear to have.
By the way, your post should be flagged as inappropriate as it fails to follow the forum guidelines that you agreed to abide by when you signed up to complain.
But I guess that’s neither here nor there.


If you posted here to get Trimble’s attention you’ve chosen the wrong place. This is mainly for end users. People post their difficulties and more experienced users try to help. We can’t help you so you’re barking at the moon. Sorry!


If you paid for a Classic license, you can go on using it for as long as you please. If you didn’t, I don’t thing you would be paying for a subscription either. So what is your complaint?


I don’t think this is entirely true. You will be able to use it as long as your operating system is compatible with it, on the Mac it’s just one year, every year something got broken, especially with Layout, so no, you can’t not use it as long as I like…


That’s why I ditched the Mac.

That’s why I ditched Trimble :wink:

Most software companies add a Service Release just to support new operating systems so you can still use your software on new hardware but Trimble never did that, instead they force you to upgrade and pay…


I don’t know what you mean by “most”. As I said, I ditched my Macs just because these service releases didn’t come (from Adobe, for instance). And I don’t think there is a service release to make ClarisCad work on current OS X.

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lost a user, gained a forum member!


Why I brought up Apple’s up coming switch to Arm earlier. We’ll see what happens when Apple jumps to Arm and if the new arm based macbooks can install Make17 “forever” as it’s been pushed. We are seeing that the new Arm MS Surface X can’t install any current version of SU.


Seems like today it is better to choose coder career rather than 3D artist /designer. Much more on the plate and Subscription Future seems bright.

And if you can’t or don’t want to leave 3D world, there are still good old FREE Sketchup Make versions like 2017 or 2015 (plus famous Visualiser) with not much worse usability than modern versions.

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Sorry, maybe my english is not very well…

But, which guidelines are inappropriate in his post ?


It’s not the guidelines that are inappropriate.

I have an idea. Why not a paid subscribed forum, so Trimble may earn money from angry lost customers :wink:


Unfortunately you are right. See and try to understand Rhino Grasshopper. It is amazing when you realize the potential and the fun to work with. And you are not forced to code with Grasshopper.

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Now, I am confused again.

The ‘angry lost customers’ will not subscribe, I guess? A customer is someone who buys.

Anyway, you could read the forum guidelines, it speaks about ‘entering a public space’. The forum was set up to provide help around the globe and should also be a place to release frustration, certain reactions were to be expected.

Dear Mike, this was irony.

I am still questioning why the first message of tyrelever is flagged ?


Perhaps if you had bothered to read the forum guidelines you would understand.

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