That’s the end of buying Sketchup for me… I hate continuously greed


What version did you bought?

not really about which version - it’s more like the subscription idea. Keep paying forever and forever. It reminds of Adobes solution - money money money
I own 2016 and 2019 (which I haven’t installed yet)

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So, you bought two licenses? Why?

I just bought my yearly maintenance package. And I did it a month early because I don’t make a lot of money using it. And now I am just out of luck because they cut the promo off in November. Well, this is going to create a rash of bad publicity in the woodworking community for sure, because most of us are retired and are just barely able to come up with the extra fees they imposed with their maintenance program. Bought mine at version 6 and this is how much loyalty to a product works for Trimble. Well, guess I better start putting out reviews to all the woodworking magazines! Warn them away from yet one more corporate hack!

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Do you want a subscription, then?

I own 2016 and bought the 2019 update - and NO I do not want to be part of a subscription plan.
I want to decide whether or not I want to spend money once. NOT forced to pay forever and ever


But you haven’t even installed 2019? That like saying you bought a tablesaw in 2019 that you haven’t even removed from the crate yet because you’re still using the one you bought in 2016 and you’re upset because the dealer has raised the price for a model that hasn’t even been released yet and that you were unlikely to buy anyway. As for writing to the woodworking magazines, you might as well forget it. Most woodworkers who use SketchUp are using SketchUp 2017 Make. This won’t affect them one way or the other.

The 2019 is going to be installed on a new PC later and the 2016 will stay on the old. It’s not whether or not I have unused table saws etc., it’s the principle - a never ending pay of. I don’t have much money and I don’t have a boss that pays everything I want. So with my economy it’s important I know and I decide whether or not I have enough money to spend.


or Autodesk or Microsoft or… you name it.


I’m disappointed. However it comes down to a value and satisfaction equation. For me the pleasure I get from working in SU and LO outweighs the program’s shortcomings. And still 1/4 of what it would cost to maintain an Autodesk comparable. I hope the new revenue stream accelerates the deeply needed improvements. If not I’ll start shopping around.


No, I cannot afford a subscription. I will just hold onto my Perpetual license until they kill that option. I do want to thank Google for starting such a great product. I was so impressed when it started, I went right out and started preaching to the crowds, saying here is a way to stop AutoCAD from taking over. They still have more lobbyists though, so don’t expect the government to change their BIM requirements any time soon.


They bought and sold a good product.

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Well, when I got it Google was promoting it. I realize that most companies work that way, but they were the only ones going against AutoCAD with a free product at the time. I liked it! Now I can’t afford it. :frowning:


So because Google lured you in with a free product that they wanted you to use to freely populate their world map, you now want it free, But they dumped it and someone else bought it because they saw it as a viable product. So who is in the wrong?

I might be wrong, but I am under the impression Trimble were involved in the original version of Sketchup … something to do with making the Google Earth street view 3D tech?

Indeed you are.

Thanks for the clarification.

Most helpful

wrong, most contractors use SU pro and usually the latest or close to it versions.

We dont use it all of the time so the $120 was ok, $300 is not, nor is a web only version.