Non-public Model in Viewer

If I have a private model, but on my tablet Sketchup Viewer it can’t be found. So it has to be public to be found via 3D Warehouse from my Viewer?


Are you logged into 3DW on the tablet ? …into the account that owns the model ?

Sure, it is my model and I’m logged in into my account on the tablet.

OK, and which edition of Viewer are you using ?
(Desktop PC, Desktop Mac, iOS Mobile, or Android Mobile)

My Viewer is on a Android Mobile Device.

Hi @chriko24.

You should certainly be able to view privately uploaded models, using the SketchUp Mobile Viewer app.

Your best bet for troubleshooting might be to contact our support team at
They’ll probably ask for your 3D Warehouse login so that they can confirm that the private model was successfully uploaded to 3D Warehouse and so they can help troubleshoot why the model in question isn’t showing up when you’re signed in to the SketchUp Mobile Viewer app.

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Also, this help center article might help.