Non co planar, non symmetrical faces again


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Hi there good people, I am having a similar problem, I need to create an arm on this chair and I got stuck…
I created the arm shape then, copied it 35mm to the side, my plan was to offset or create new lines under the top ones at 40 mm and stitch the sides to create the faces, but then it didn’t work so I went back to the two guide “lines” now as I can’t offset the non coplanar curves I created and don’t know how to proceed.
Is there any plugin for this?

Sorry if I didn’t explain it well enough but it is the best I can do with my English vocabulary…
dining chairs.skp (50.3 KB)


I would use the saop skin and bubble plug in . Here is a video



gosh, never thought about using the soap skin, many thanks Phil, much appreciated.