Non-Hollow solids?

I have 3 Questions:

  1. How do I make non-hollow solids in Sketch up? All I was able to make is two paper thin faces with hollowness in between. I want to fill that hollowness with solid, is it possible ?

  2. How to reset default axis view on sketch-up ?

  3. Let’s say I want to fabricate my drawing, are there enough vendors out there who can use these designs ? can you give some examples ?

Thanks a lot.

SketchUp is a surface modeler. 3D shapes will always be hollow.

Do you mean the view you see on startup? that view is determined by the template you’ve chosen. If you want to be able to return to that exact view later, create a scene before you get started drawing. Better, create the scene in a new blank drawing and save the setup as a new template.

There are many fabricators out there who could work from digital files generated by SketchUp. Please be specific. What sort of fabrication are you talking about? What is it you are intended to have manufactured?

Please also complete your profile with useful information.

Thanks for the reply.

As for being specific, I’m planning to design a bathtub and wanting to get it manufactured. I’m looking for some portions of the bathtub to be all solid so it’s sturdy and some to be hollow.

I would like to know of there are manufacturers that can take my sketch-up design and mould the shapes as per my need with plastic ? If yes, can you give me some examples manufacturers ?


You can model the tub so there is a web structure for support.

As for manufacturers who can work from your SketchUp file, I’m sure there are many. I can’t recommend any, though. You should contact firms that specialize in the sort of processes you are looking at and get them to tell you what they need from you.