How do you create a non symmetrical curved surface?


I’m trying to create a curved surface that is non semetrical and off-centered

Here is the incomplete object in the warehouse

From my research, it appears that you can only fill flat surfaces. Is there a way to fill in the walls of this object?

Non co planar, non symmetrical faces again

Perhaps I need a plugin?

Watching this video, it looks like there is in fact a way to make a curved surface


There are no curves in SU–only straight line segments. Similarly, there are no curved surfaces either, only flat faces. These straight lines and flat faces simulate the appearance of curves

It’s not a matter of “fill.” This is not a paint program in which you can flood fill an area. What you can do is form a face, which is an infinitely thin skin stretched over a closed outline of edges, all coplanar. If there’s a gap in the outline, no face will form. If the outline is non-coplanar, no face will form. Once there’s a face, you can paint it with some color or texture.

You can make a network of flat faces that describe the contours of a curved surface, even though there really are no curves. Then, when the surface is defined as a mosaic or mesh of flat faces, you can soften/smooth the edges internal to the surface to make it appear smooth and continuous. Softening hides the edges themselves; smoothing blends the shading gradually across the creases in the surface so the surface appears continuous instead of articulated.

All of SU’s tools that produce a curved surface use this same general technique of simulating a smoothly curved surface with a network of flat faces with softened/smoothed edges. You can do this yourself using a technique called “hand stitching,” which is demonstrated below.



Fredo’s CurviLoft is an extensions that should do exactly what you want here:

You need to login to that forum to see the pictures and download.