No more right click

I have a problem with Sketchup pro 2020. For the past few days, when I open SketchUp to start a new project, I can’t do anything from the right click, also I can’t open the sections: fichiers-Edition-Affichage etc…

On the other hand, Layout and Style Builder work very well and my other software works well.
I work with Windows 11 22H2 Build 22581.200. I still have the same gear. There was a system update a few days ago! maybe it’s related?
Thank you for your answers.

First thing I would try is a cold reboot of the computer. Power completely off.

Hello, I have already tried, without result.

Have you installed Sketchup correctly?
That is: right-click on the installer and choose install as administrator.
If you didn’t, you can do it now and choose repair when prompted.
This is the only correct way to install SketchUp on windows…

Also you say that Windows did a system update. Those are notorious for replacing graphics drivers with faulty ones from Microsoft.
Go to the manufacturors site and download and install the latest from there.

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. To answer your questions :
Sketchup had been installed for a long time when I had this problem. I used it for a few days before the problem appeared.
I used the windows compatibility repair utility which found nothing.

Clearly there was no update to SketchUp 2020 so it has to be something on your computer related to the recent changes in the OS. Won’t take long and won’t hurt anything to try repairing the installation of SketchUp. Make sure you have the most recent version of SU2020 from Download All | SketchUp Right click on it, choose Run as administrator, and then choose the Repair option.

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And please update your forum profile, it says you’re using SketchUp Pro 2015.

Have you installed any extensions recently?

I can try to repair, and no I did not install any extensions

I just downloaded sketchup pro 2020 from the Trimble site. But when I try to install it I get the following message:
I do not understand why.

Have a look here.

you recommended the 2022 version to me, but it’s the 2020 that I need. Every time I install as administrator.

Try this:

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