No more axis to find

I can not find the axis anymore. When I try to insert a component from the tray the component does not appear on the workingscreen, but the curser canges into the movetool and shows „endpoint in component“. What happend?

What is the component? Perhaps you could share it? There’s much you leave unknown.

Under View, do you have Axes turned on?

Yes, axes is turned on. I have designed some furniture (components). These are in the tray. I picked them up by the mouse and moved them from tray to workingscreen. They where connected to the curser and I could place them on the workingscreen.It worked well. Suddenly the axes were gone. When I now want to move the furniture from tray to workingscreen and I reach the workingscreen area, the furniture (which was connected to the curser) disappeared and the curser shows the symbol of Moove tool.
With other words: When I import an objekt, the curser shows not the objekt, but the Move tool symbol.

Perhaps you could upload some of your components so we can see exactly what’s happening and help you solve your problem.

Sounds like a component origin issue ?

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I designed a livingroom and some furniture (components). The furniture are automaticly stored in the tray. This is file x. Now I addet to file x some additional furnitures. This is file y. File y does not work very well anymore. I think, an easy way to solve the problem, is to move the additional furniture from the tray in file y to the tray in file x. How can i do this. Where can i find the folder oft he tray?

Please use SketchUp’s terminology for better understanding what you are doing.
Components aren’t stored in trays. The ones created and/or used in the model are stored in the ‘In Model’ component library.

Maybe you could share the *.skp file?