Can create new components, but doesn't show up in the Components Tray

I have a file that I’ve been working on for a while. I’ve been adding components for a while and they have always shown up in the Components Tray. However, at some point, new components have stopped showing up in the Tray. I can see 36 components in the Tray.

Is there a limitation that I’m not aware of in SU Make 2017? If the file is partially corrupted, is there a tool to fix it?


The house icon should show the ‘in model’ collection,
There is also an ‘Expand’ option on the right of the top

Thx. I am showing the In Model components. I just can’t show any new components in the Tray. I’ve also tried the Refresh menu item without success.

Ah, but the Expand did work. What is that about? Components that are located in components or something?

Yes, expanding shows the nested subcomponents of imported definitions.