Component Tray not showing components in Model

Hi All,

I have upgraded to 2024 and I find that a component made in the model does not show up as an option in the component tray? Is this a bug? see attached. The window is in the model. The model has been saved and Sketchup restarted but it does not exist in the list for Components in Model?

Click on the Details menu button to the right of the dropdown list and choose Expand.

Thank you Big Dave. I had no idea that was there and have never had to use it in the past. Is it new?

No. Not new at all. I wonder why you’ve never needed to use it before.

All of the components have automatically shown in the component tray. I have just upgraded to 2024. I wonder if that has caused it?

So you’re saying that after you had expanded the components display in 2023, you installed 2024 and they showed expanded without you having to select anything?

Nope. I am saying that I have never had to use the Expand option for the components tray in any version that I have ever used up until I upgraded to 2024. I had no idea that it was there and I have always seem every component that I have created. Maybe I was just lucky!

Maybe that’s it. Maybe it’s a sign you should buy a lottery ticket. :wink:

I could do with a win at the moment :smile:

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