No longer able to access my school account

I was able to access my account on Thursday to create my lesson for this week’s classes and I can no longer access my account.

I keep getting the message “Are you in the right place?”. Please advise.

Start here:

p.s. I move your thread to the correct category. You’ll see other threads on this same topic here.

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Thank you. Can you offer any assistance?

Did you refer to the thread I linked to in my previous post?

Yes, but I didn’t find anything that would help me today. Can you assist me today?

I can’t because I’m not a Trimble employee. Maybe @Tori_SU will be able to do so.

Thank you.

I was able to access my account on Thursday, but today no luck. I was referred to you by a member of the SketchUp team. I really my account working for my lessons this week. Here is a screenshot of the window that pops up.

Please advise. Thank you.

Please don’t double post. That just creates confusion. You’ve also put this in the wrong category as you did the pervious one. I’ve moved this one for you, too.

Sorry. I was trying to message the person you referred me to. How do I message her directly? Thank you for you patience as this is new to me.

By adding her name in my reply to you, I generated a message to her that will get her attention. I’m sure she will be along as soon as she has a chance. In the meantime, have patience.

I’m trying. It was just alarming when I couldn’t utilize my account and I’ve created lessons using SketchUp for Schools this week. Thank you for understanding my the amount of stress this creates for me.

@lyshonnc Have you or your school’s district administrator followed the steps outlined in the post that Dave shared with you? Unfortunately those steps do need to be taken care of in order to comply with Google’s recent update. We are not able to override these permissions.

If you or your admin has accepted these permissions and launched the application for your domain, could you please provide me with your school’s domain address? In cases such as those detailed in the linked thread it is possible that we are unable to recognize you as an EDU account and I can assist by identifying you manually. Domain Registration Requests

Hello, we have the same problem the authentication keeps on looping for Students and teachers. It has been working fine but just stopped working. Please can you add ?

Sir / Ma’am, we have the same problem the authentication keeps on looping for Students and teachers. It has been working fine but just stopped working. Please can you add

Dunellen High School
Dunellen NJ

We also have de same problem with de authentication for Students and teachers. Please add and

Xavier Claveria
Col·legi Episcopal de Lleida

It stopped working yesterday for us. Same thing. Please add

I will also check again with my IT guy to see if it’s something he can fix. He said yesterday everything looked good on his end.

Devin O’Brien
Olds Junior High
Connell, WA

Hi, everyone. We’re looking into the whitelist issue and will report back when we’re able to diagnose what’s going on. Thanks for your patience.

Please add to this list. Nobody can access it in our district this morning.

@Tori_SU Thanks for the information.
Please whitelist our domain

We are K-12 school and like other commenters on this thread, staff and students are not able to access the application receiving the “Are you in the right place” error

Permissions for the provisioned application have been updated in the Google Admin Panel, however the error persists.

Thank You