No intersection function in this version?

Do I take it intersections are something else that has been stripped out of this version of Sketchup? If so, why the icon (albeit sprayed over) still on display?!

What do you mean? Intersect Faces IS available in SketchUp Free.

If you mean solid tools, then that is a subscriber only feature.

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If, as Adam suggested you mean the Solid Tools, they weren’t available in SketchUp Make either.

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Roger that; it’s on right-click! I’ll take the ‘Luddite-hit’ for that one; still can’t see the point of the wee line of sprayed over icons in the left hand toolbar though. One of which appears to show two flat squares blending together on the same plane? I tried that out of curiosity and all i got back was an offer to ‘do me a solid’ or something?

I know we’re famously two nations separated by the same language, but if you took that as read in my home town you’d walk like John Wayne for a week…!

Cheers, sussed it now.

That’s one of the Solid Tools. As Adam said, it’s available to subscribers only. Nothing different than with the desktop version. You could move that off the main toolbar if you want.

Take some time to read the Help files on SketchUp for Web. And complete your forum profile already.

Thanks. You may or may not take my point here, but what is the rationale behind leaving those particular icons in place if they cannot be used?

I’ll have another look at ‘automated help’, but whenever I’ve tried this previously I always seem to wind up back here!

I will Google: ‘Help files on SketchUp for Web’ verbatim and see how it goes

You can’t blame them for trying to tempt you into purchasing SketchUp Go. They’d like to sell some subscriptions so they can be profitable and responsible to their shareholders.

What’s wrong with going to and looking at the help files there?

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Thanks, I’ve sussed all I need to know now.

Perhaps I should show more deference & gratitude for what remains of this hitherto free product; I’ve just been told Sketchup Pro (‘cheapest’ desktop version) now costs over £350 PER YEAR this side of the pond!!!

…That’s in a market place where Rhino CAD, give a life-long licence for just over £600.

I believe the expression stateside is something like:…“You do the 'math” ?

Rhino costs 995 €, that would be £850

SketchUp Go has the solid tools and that is £101 ex vat

You can buy it from our site if you’d like

Are you UK based, availabel to talk to on the phone? If the version you are describing can meet oour specifications (which are pretty basic) then i might be interested. I got along fine (with all the usual caveats!) with the version of sketchup 2017 which I’ve had ever sinec it came out as free software back in the day. We set ourselves a limit of £130 (all in) as a one-off payment, so provided this is a one-off/life long purchase it might be what we’re after.

Over to you

All SketchUp subscriptions are sold as that now - no such thing as a perpetual license anymore I’m afraid.
Our phone number is on the contact page of the site if you’d like to speak to one of us - we are based in Oxford.

People or companies that use SketchUp Pro or Studio, generate a lot more than the price of the Studio version annual license using the software. In my case the cost of the license is less than 1% of the earnings of a year and I pay it gladly cause I wouldn´t be able to earn money without a software like SketchUp, I would have to pay for Archicad, Revit or AutoCad which are a lot more expensive.

Presumably, since you were using SketchUp Make and are now using SketchUp Free, you are a hobbyist user. The free version should do what you need.

Looks as though I’ve become too habituated to my old version of Sketchup, which hung about on my PC for donkey’s. What still baffles me is the extent to which I was able to add plug-ins, some of which worked quite well!

One that I found very usefull enabled me to run basic animations; don’t know if that would even work on the, radically cut back, free web version of SU? I doubt it.

If the version to which you refer is available for a one-off payment of just over £100 then I would be tempted, provided it could take the animation plug-in. Looking at what you say, however, I doubt this will be the case, so I guess I’ll just have to live without the animations!

Shame things have gone this way. The current free web version is certainly no match for the one I used to have on my PC, which, although infuriatingly inconsistent in performance, did at least eventually get the job done.


SketchUp Free does not support extensions…

@Elmtec-Adam allready told you that there are no perpetual licenses anymore, so it will be £101 ex vat
every year and SketchUp Go is a web version also, so no support for extensions either…

If you would have kept it on your PC, you could still use it… (I do!)

You keep insinuating that you use this software for a job, which is prohibited by the EULA…

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