No "Fredo6" plugins working

Hi everyone

I’m facing an issue on SUmake17 64-bit or SU16make-64bit, no “Fredo6” plugins are working don’t know why, i’m running the software on Windows 10 64-bit all “Fredo6” plugins are updated to their latest versions
Please help!! i need it for my work.


Do you have the current version of LibFredo6 installed?

What kind of work ?

As well as the obvious issues like installing the required LibFredo6, have you also installed SketchUp properly ?

You must select the SketchUp installer exe file;s icon, right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”
This ensures that all permissions etc are set up properly.
Installing in any other way can cause various unexpected issues…

You might not need to uninstall and reinstall…
Close SketchUp and run the installer as explained above.
When prompted choose ‘Repair’…

Try again…

PS: As Dan alludes… SketchUp Make is for non-commercial use, so your ‘work’ needs to be appropriate to allow you to legally use Make - otherwise you need Pro…

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Thanks for your quick replies guys, first of all i don’t use sketchup for commercial use. i only use it to create objects for my student work no commercial use so i don’t need the Pro version. sorry for the misunderstanding

My LibFredo6 version is the latest 7.4c

I also noticed another issue, the SU protrator don’t rotate any objects! Is there any link to the Fredo6 plugins issue?

I have a GTX970 graphics card on my computer with the latest drivers.

@TIG : thanks for your tips, i gonna try it, I’ll feedback to you soon as possible


Are you referring to the yellow Protractor tool?

Don’t know if it’s the yellow one, but is the SU basic Rotate tool

It makes a difference. The Yellow Protractor doesn’t rotate things The Rotate tool is red circular arrows.

Ok so is the red one as well, i made a simple box few minute ago but i was unable to Rotate it with the red circular one

I also try to repair SU wtih “run as administrator” but i’m still facing the issue.

Any tips please?


The SU red rotate tool is ok, there was an error in my shortcuts.

so SU is working fine, but still any Fredo6 plugins are working?


I made a short video to show you my issue on Sketchup

No Fredo6 plugin working on SU video


Try doing something with the tool with the Ruby Console open…
Any error messages ?

Have you tried the reinstall-as-administrator + repair ideas ?