Fredo6: LibFredo6 v10.7a cannot install on my extension manager

Please tell me why I can’t load my LibFredo6 v10.7a in my extension even I already install it in my extension manager, after I restart my sketchup pop up box said error loading on Libfredo. There is other plug ins that I can’t even install it is block what may be the problem? I install some plug in and all plug ins I install shows the authors which I believed are successfully installed. Pleas tell me how to run my Libfredo. Thanks

When you installed SU, did you Right click on the installer file and choose “Run as administrator”? If not, or you don’t remember, find the installer file you downloaded, or download it again. Right click on it, choose “Run as administrator”, and then choose the Repair option.

That might fix it. You might need to reinstall the plugin.

The instruction on the page where I take the plug ins is install it using extension manager by the way what SU are you saying?please tell me so I might try the same way you did. Please give link to this SU ? Thanks

SU is just short for SketchUp - I was talking about the installer file for the SketchUp program. If you didn’t use R-click, Run as Administrator, the plugins’ folders may not have been given the right file permissions to let them work properly.

You are correct about installing the plugins through Window/Extension Manager [Install extension] inside SketchUp.

I run it always double left click but other plug ins I install are working upon opening.but let me try now thanks

Same as it was open in run admin error in loading any more idea?

What is “it”?

You NEED to run the SketchUp INSTALLER file with R-click, Run as Administrator. Do NOT just double click on the installer .exe file.

You should NOT start the the SketchUp PROGRAM with “Run as administrator”.

You CAN start the PROGRAM by double click on a SketchUp FILE with the .skip file extension.

So unless your use of “it” means you double click on a SketchUp FILE you haven’t got it right yet.

I always double left click it other plug ins are working fine but just right now I right click and run admin same trouble it shows loading error…

Again, what is “it” in your latest post. WHAT are you double clicking?

I double clicking SU exe but even I run it as admin same trouble saying error load

This is about when you installed Sketchup, not when you run it.

I did all ways of mean to work the plug in, I run it as admin still same as I double click it other plug ins are working good. I install Fredo but load error are showing upon opening SU.

I agree to you box every software or program should run exe by run admin but when it is already installed you may double click it.

But the point is HOW DID YOU INSTALL SKETCHUP, not how do you run it.
Install it by right Click Run as Admin.
If you do that now you will get the option to repair it and then the plugins might work.

Yes your right, I always install program run as admin and I just wonder why my other plug ins works but there are some that are block and this Fredo is installed but loading error

The most sensible option would to be asking the question on the forum where Fredo hosts his plugins.

what do you mean Fredo hosts his plugins? I take it from sketchUcation?

Well, ask at sketchucation, not here.

is there any site I can take it besides SketchUcation? that you may recommend me
please share. Thanks

Why would you go anywhere else, Fredo is active there and hosts all his plugins there, it is the place to ask.