No files in Trimble Connect using Sketchup Viewer on iOS

Hi All,

My files that are stored using the Free web version of Sketchup are not shown in my Sketchup Viewer app on iOS. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Same account is logged in, I don’t get it.

P.S. Just downloaded, never worked before.

Trimble connect in web version:

Trimble connect in Sketchup Viewer:

empty (can’t upload 2 images as new user…)

Same issue here. Starting viewer on iOS (iPad pro 2019, latest iOS) and then connecting to trimble to select and download a new sketch ends up in an empty page. No sketch is visible.

Hello all!

We just downloaded SketchUp Pro 2019, and set up an iPad with SketchUp Viewer.
We placed a model into the Trimble Connect cloud.
But we encountered the same issue others were experiencing here. The file is viewable on PCs, but the iPad app can’t see it.

We figured out what was wrong!
There is a “Filter” button on the top right of the page. But instead of any of the usual settings on a filter, it only filters Folders and Files. The filter is always on, and the filtered type is completely invisible!
So if you have it set to filter away files: you can see the folders and navigate to the end of the tree, but the last folder will appear empty because the filter is hiding files.
If the filter is set to hide folders: then you can’t navigate any deeper in the tree because the folders are hidden.

Set the filter so folders can be seen.
Navigate to where the file should be.
Now set the filter so you can see files.
The file you want to access should now be there.

That’s nuts! We highly doubt that is the developer’s intended result. Our best guess is they adjusted some code in a recent update, and that has accidentally resulted in this behaviour. But since it isn’t causing any crashes the built in bug reporter isn’t flagging the situation for them.

Once we figured out how to get around the problem, everything else was great. File downloaded perfectly, and SketchUp Viewer ran it without a hitch. :slight_smile:

That is typical software-engineer logic versus user-logic

You set the filter, huh?

Maybe, a search field works better, or an option for no filter at all…

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