No configure controls when browser Tracking Prevention is enabled

I am experiencing that the configure controls do not display (in the right hand configure pane) when Tracking Prevention is enabled in the browser. (All that is displayed is the polygon count.)

This happens when trying to configure at 3DW in a standalone Chrome-based browser. (Either Chrome or the new Edge browser.)

Apparently the Chrome Tracking Prevention interferes with Google analytics and prevents JQuery and Bootstrap from downloading. Both are needed to display the Live configuration controls.

Anyone else also see this or can reproduce this issue ?

Just tested with Chrome (87.0.4280.66) and no issues in my computer.
However a little more time needed if Tracking Prevention is enabled, to fully load the configuration panel on right hand: first the polygon count is displayed then a seconds later all other fully loaded and it works.

Tested by on-off Tracking Prevention several times, restart the browser (or not) in between etc.
Live comp used: Bar Stool, Teknion Sanna Lamp

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Just tried it on Edge version 87.0.664.47 and it doesn’t work until you create an exception not to track

Thanks, tried it but still doesn’t work.

I was able to get Chrome working today by adding an exception to always allow cookies with the option to allow 3rd party cookies with the sketchup sites.

Also needed to set the URL to exatcly [*.]

Cannot get MS Edge to work as there is some bug that the settings will not stay set persistently.