No axes visible

I had not used my version of SketchUp 2016 for a while. When I tried to launch it today, I was notified that newer version (2017) is available but I chose not to upgrade. But after my 2016 version launched, there were no red/blue/green axes lines visible, and thus apparently no way to begin a drawing.
Thinking this would be cured by installing the newer version, I downloaded SketchUp 2017. After launching it, I find the exact same problem. No axes, thus unable to begin a drawing.
Anybody know what gives?

This sounds like a graphics card issue. What is the graphics card in your computer? And are the drivers up to date?

I have no idea what my graphics card is. But I know it hasn’t changed since the last time I was successful in using SketchUp 2016. Also, I have no idea what a driver is, let along whether they (it) is up to date.

What happens if you click View > Axes?

Control Panel > Device Manager > Display adapters
Click the down-arrow to the left of that to expand the list.
You should have at least one Graphics Card listed.
Tell us its name.
Right-click over its name > Context-menu > Properties - click the Driver tab and tell us the date and version that are shown.
Now… Right-click over its name > Context-menu > Update Driver Software…
When prompted choose to let Windows search automatically for a newer driver [the code which configures the GC].
If one is available let it automatically install…
Restart SketchUp.
Any improvement - of course you do need the Axes ‘on’ in the menu…

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