Newbie question on rotating a component in an unknown angle


I’m trying to edit a 20-sided dice. I’ve made a component out of one of the faces of the dice and want to copy it to the rest of the faces. Can someone give me a hint of how to do this? I’ve tried to search but I’m not sure I use the right words/terms.

I have moved the component to one corner to merge them. But then I need to rotate the component while the first corner is “stuck”, but I don’t know if this is possible. If this would’ve been a six sided dice then I would just had to rotate it 90 degrees et.c. but now I do not know the exact angles (I’m not just bad at SU, I’m also bad at math… bad combo).

I would appreciate any tips or links to a method I could use. I have a guess there are better ways to do this other than just rotating the component but I can’t figure it out.

I’m on SU Make 2017.

Ps. I know there is an easy way of creating the dice and edit the sides. But my wish is to make a component and copy it to all these faces in strange angles so I can make changes to only the one component afterwards.



It would help if you attached the model.

With JHS PowerBar > Align Tool (D. Bur)


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This looks excellent! I can’t find the Powerbar but I do find “Align” by D. Bur that looks like what I need. Thank you!