How do I get a group/component of faces rotation values (pitch, yaw, roll) and apply them to another group/component of faces?

I have two components as a result of importing exported game models. I’d like to set component A’s rotation to be the same as component B’s rotation. I find it impossible to use the rotate tool for this as I have to be very careful for it to be in perfect alignment of the other component. I’d like to get the rotation values (pitch, yaw, roll) of component B and apply them to component A’s so they are both in perfect alignment in terms of rotation.
Is it possible to do this?
Component A (the longer object) and Component B (taller object + more round)

Do you want them to roll (or ya or pitch) together, i.e about the same axis? Or separately? If together, select both of them and rotate them.

If separately, you could use the Move tool to rotate them about their centers.

No, that isn’t what I’m aiming for. I am not trying to rotate multiple things at a time. I am trying to make component A’s yaw face the same direction of components B’s yaw but it is literally impossible to do with the rotation tool.

I doubt that very much. do something to indicate exactly which face in each component you want facing in the same direction and upload it here.

Ok, an image of what I trying to do and the sketchup project file:

sketchup text mdl.skp (1.4 MB)

It would be helpful if you were working along the model axes instead of at random angles.

I moved the model up above the ground plane and behind the red axis–it’s easier to see against your green background.

Since you made the component with the hand grip while the geometry was rotated off axis, the bounding box doesn’t fit the geometry correctly. You could change the axes but in this case it might be easier to just explode the component and remake it.

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That isn’t gonna work out for me. Since I am modifying game models, the model has to be outside the origin. If you’re putting to the center it will show off the screen in the game I’m modifying.
But at least it worked, exploding the geometry made it easier by allowing to snap to better points and align the object better. Thank you!

It will work for you. It doesn’t matter where the components are in the model space. I only moved the model so you could see the red axis line as a reference. In the location you had the model, there wasn’t a good reference for the GIF…

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I just said it did, but not putting the model near the origin. When I converted the game model initially and opened it, the model was off place like that. I learned that when I was using test models for the game it was severely offscreen. So, I realized that the model has to be at that exact position for it to be on screen. I don’t why the game works this way but it is what it is.
But to repeat: You did help me fix it and marked your answer as the solution

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