Newbie - Need help importing a AutoCAD file into Sketchup Make

Hello - I’m a newbie to Sketchup Make (just downloaded). I have an AutoCAD drawing of my log cabin property (plot map) I from my surveyor. I want to import it into Sketchup. I understand only Sketchup Pro can import AutoCAD files. Can I install the trial version of SKp Pro do the import then save it, and update it with Skp Make? I don’t need all the functionality of Pro.
Many thanks,

When you download SketchUp Make for the first time, it should have a free 30-day trial. So with that, yes, you can import AutoCad. After 30 days, your SketchUp Pro trial will revert to Make. No need to save differently, both SketchUps are same file format.

No do not install Pro unless you are likely to keep it.

The Make installation will run in “Pro Trial” mode for 30 days.