Importing drawing from the free trial that's over

Please help me! I’m a student. I started with the free trial and in that free trial drew up a sketch that I would like to continue to work on. after the free trial, I bought SketchUp Go. Now I found in my file the drawing that I made during my free trial. But I can’t import the drawing from the free trial into my newly bought SketchUp Go. Im in SketchUp Go, and I see the import button on the side, I click on it and open my file to see my free trial drawing sitting there, I click on it. Then I get SketchUp telling me I need to buy SketchUp, then there’s another option that if you bought it already click here. I click there and they send me back to where I started, on my new SketchUp Go page. I just need to get my drawing from the free trial that’s over to go into my new drawing page. I would greatly appreciate your advice and knowledge on this!

Did you ever save your trial file as a skp?

The last one was saved to SketchUp so I guess that would be a PNG.
(The file I want is highlighted in the picture.)
There is an older one saved as an SKB file. ^^Idk if that matters.^^

I think that if you attach your skb to a repty here that you can get help from #colin.

There should be a .skp file but you can change the .skb to .skp and then open the file in SketchUp. Probably the first two files shown in the screenshot are the .skp files. Open SketchUp Go and choose Open From Device and select one of those files.

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You should not import, but just open the file.
Importing just puts another wrapper around the file and is used for smaller components or other format files.