Importing AutoCAD file

Hello everyone. I have installed sketchup 2016. In the initial days it shows th option to import the autocad file but now it dosen’t. Please help me out

It sounds as if your 30-day trial of SketchUp Pro has expired and it reverted to SketchUp Make. Make does not include CAD file import and export options.

Yeah i know that but i have the license. I reinstalled it still it dosent show any option

Does it show the license as valid?

How is it possible. It is showing make. I have a license as well as its been a week i have installed it. How come is it possible?

If it is showing Make, it isn’t licensed as Pro. Assuming you’ve purchased the license, you should download a fresh version of Pro and then enter the license info from the e-mail you received.

ohh ok Thank you… :slight_smile: