Newbie Alert: Section plane problems in layout

This is probably such a basic question, but being new to Layout I’m going around in circles!!

I create my elevations in SU and save the model, create a scene and update it.

Go to layout and the first scene appears fine. Then I duplicate the LO page and right click on the scene and toggle to change to the next scene…what appears is the elevation but with the section plane not active (so showing a solid wall, not inside the room). What am I doing wrong?

Can you share the SketchUp file and LayOut file. Not clear what you want and what might be happening.

elevations, scene appears fine.
toggle to second scene what is it supposed to be, a section?

It could be a matter of not having saved the scenes successfully or not saving the SketchUp file before refreshing the LayOut view port

Thanks @pbacot

I’m having trouble uploading the files because they’re so big.

The second scene is meant to be an elevation where you can see inside the room, rather than the solid wall. I’m having trouble with why the section planes are not working as I go from scene to scene.

Thank you

Upload the file to DropBox and share the link.

What operating system? What graphics card? Please correct your profile.