New website sign-in authentication - feedback

As I mentioned in the post below I have a problem with licences signing off the computers - and while signing them back I just spotted new additional signing authentication options added by Trimble. Phone authentication. I know this is global trend and everyone wants to know users’ phone numbers nowadays, but it will give licence admins like me additional headache and I wonder what is the best way to share my feedback about it?
I found in a different topic that Trimble just follows recent ISO requirements for cybersecurity but still hope they can at leass suspend it or make it optional for users.

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Support are having to do extra work to help people who try the multi-factor authentication, and then run into a problem. At least for now I would suggest not using that option.

I will send a link to your comment to the right people.

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Thanks Colln for your answers and pointers. To add even more salt to my authentication pain, I realised today Trimble added photo captcha to Sketchup’s 28-days re-registering. Probably because I am signing batches of licences from same IP at the same time and Trimble’s cybersecurity systems think I am Russian hacker or something.
I really appreciate if this will get considered by “right people” if possible.

You probably would be better of with a different kind of license if the intent is to use it concurrently.
The named user subscription is for…. named users.
One can bulk upload Members, but they all need to gi through the sign in process individually.

There is number of “features” linked to bulk subscriptions. We were using them but individual licences just work better for us mostly because of Covid and how it changed way of people work now. We can have 10 laptops with licences in building one day and then 10 laptops in peoples houses next day. There is also complex and long procedure to buy bulk licence involving 2 additional companies (resellers) in our case, and one of them is from abroad. Last time it took 2 weeks to obtain licence (it was Covid lockdown in fairness) while individual licence takes minutes to purchase.

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