New Version of Sketchup for iPad

I have secnd generation pencil, 12.9 generation 5 iPad and iPadOS 16.3.1…but don’t seem to be able to access all new features such as rotary tool option. what might be my issue?

Hi Neal,
The option to sprout the radial by double-tapping your Apple Pencil requires an M2 iPad Pro (6th Gen) – and that’s because the feature takes advantage of the pencil hover capability that Apple introduced to its M2 iPad Pro lineup.
We did introduce the option, however, to remap the 3-finger swipe up/down gesture to have it sprout the radial shortcut menu. If that’s of interest, you can find the option in the settings panel (gear icon in the main toolbar, top-left of screen) under Gesture preferences > 3-finger swipe.

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Thank you!

Hello Mike,
Your response does work on my new iPad Pro (6th Gen) in terms of sprouting the radial toolbar, but I can’t find much information about how to customize the basic set that displays. I can move some of the tools around on the radial toolbar but can’t figure out how to adopt the over-all example or add to the basic single circle. Sorry, but if this has been covered somewhere I can’t find it.

Hi James,
You should hopefully be able to customize the tools that you’d like to have in either the linear and/or radial shortcut menus simply by long-pressing any of the icons in either toolbar.
Once you have all of the icons up, you can drag-n-drop the icons you want to keep in the toolbar.
There are currently a maximum of 8 slots in each of the shortcut toolbars.
I hope that helps answer your question. If you have any additional feedback, please let us know.

You just released a new version for the iPad with “new Help videos” but they’re the (now abandoned) Square One videos from some time ago. Very useful, but where’s the new content? Even some Help notes would be welcome. The Radial Menu is a great example.

The new series is called Level UP.

Yep, I watch those, like those and learn from those. But my point is that there have been a couple of new releases for the iPad. The new features would be great opportunities to create additional training videos specific to the iPad.

Hi Mike,
It seems to me that it would be more convenient if it were possible to assign this function to a double tap by pencil, even if the circular menu always opened only in the center.

@constantinshipkov Thanks for the feedback here. I appreciate the note.

Quick follow-up, just to make sure we’re on the same page…

With hover, we’re not only able to locate the radial at the location of the pencil tip, but we’re also able to effectively may 2 behaviors to the pencil double-tap command. When the pencil is within hover range, it sprouts the radial. When the pencil is outside of hover range, double-tap can be used to cancel an operation that’s in progress.

For pre M2 iPad’s, the double-tap gesture can really only map to one thing. So if we offered the option to set it to sprout the radial, you’d no longer be able to use it for Cancel. Knowing that, would you still want to do that?

Noted. Thanks for the feedback.
We’ve been trying to do a better job of highlighting new features in the “What’s new” widgets that show up on the Home Screen following releases that include new things. But I agree that we could be developing additional educational videos that go deeper into new features and workflows.