Having trouble with iPad’s radial quick menu

I’m using the latest app store version for ipad.
My ipad is M1, with an apple 2 pencil.

I have had a lot of trouble with customizing the upper bar (which i assume I do with via the radial.)

Sometimes (rarely) it works right away, by long pressing on the bar, then using the radial menu to drag what I want into either the bar up top or the center circle. But the bar frequently changes itself on me, replacing the last bar option with a copy of the first, and when I go to fix it back to the options that I like, it blatantly refuses.

What am I doing wrong? How should I be customizing the bar to get it to stay?

What happens when you reset the taskbars in the Settings > General

Maybe @MikeTadros knows if it is different between M1 and M2

This helped! Thank you!

They changed and stayed changed even after I moved them back to where I like them. I did have issues with getting the button to switch between perspective and parallel at first (it really wanted to be two point and parallel) but it’s working great.

And for the record I have always thought it a little genius that I can have the one button on there and it changes between the two options depending on which I’m currently in.

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@Danimaupin apologies for the trouble you were having with the shortcuts. We’ve flagged that as something to look into. It sounds as though Jack’s cleverness helped to resolve the issue you were seeing? After resetting via preferences you’re now able to customize the toolbars using the drag-n-drop workflow as intended?

Seems to be working well! Though I’m back in the beta now, so I will admit to not really testing it in the same app version as before.

Aaaannnddddd I’m back.

It’s doing it again.

iOS 17.1.1
iPad Pro 12.9 inch 5th gen
Model # MNHJ3LL/A

Current SketchUp (TF) 6.4.0 (but it was doing it in the previous AppStore build as well)

This time it’s not the first option, but the second.

Then when I moved it I noticed that the “next scene” label is doubled, black with the white behind, which is not an issue at all, but something your UI people might want to see.

And then when I tried to fix it by moving things around it decided that I should have three of it.

All three of them behave as they should, fully functional Xray buttons, though only one will highlight as ‘active’ and then the tapping any of the others will turn on and off the function as well as the highlight on the chosen one… but I cannot get rid of them once they are on the bar.