New users using measures

Why can’t I use the inches measure?

You can. Either select an appropriate template or change the units in Window>Model Info>Units.

Thanks! can you tell me which one is the best for interior designs? Architecture?

the inches space is not available

You can certainly use an Architectural template if you’d like. Or you could make your own.

Inches are the only possible units in the Fractional format so you can’t change the units from inches to something else.

If I select architectural is the same

The Architectural format is feet and inches. There’s no other choice for that format so no reason to select anything for Units.

And I need to use both, feet and inches. Well it doesn’t let me, working on the template, use inches and feet for making a triangle or anything

What do you mean? When you draw something, what units are you seeing in the Measurements window? When I select the Architectural format for dimensions, I see feet and inches.

The Architectural setting will allow you to draw in Feet and Inches (just specify the unit you want to use when defining measurements.

I mean, when I want to draw a rectangle say 6’6’’ to 24’3’’ it only accepts the feet. I changes the precision to 0’’ to see if it works.

How are you typing the dimensions? Exactly what do you type?

16’6’‘, 24’3’’

Where are you? Are you using an English keyboard setup?

What exactly do you see when you drag out a rectangle without trying to type the dimensions. Is there a semi colon between the dimensions?

Well in between spaces which I didn´t use. I’m IN Mexico and my keyboard is in english

Don’t use spaces either. There needs to be a comma or a semicolon between the dimensions.

I’ve tried. The thing is that if I erase the inches it makes the rectangle in the feet dimensions without the inches

Try it like I show in my GIF.

awww without the inches things