New topics jump to last not first post

When I see a new post in the list of topics, and click to view it, I am taken to the end of the thread, not the start.

It’s getting tedious to have to scroll back to the top of every new thread.

Can this be fixed?

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Could it be you already visited that post and read the first couple of replies that you skip during your next visit?
I could be wrong of course …

I don’t thinks so, no.

It used not to happen. Now it seems always to do so.

And it goes to the very end, not just to the first unread post (which should be the first one, as it’s a new topic to me).

The forum default is to jump to the first unread post in a topic, this is the behavior I am seeing.
You are using Mac and I am PC, perhaps it is an issue with Safari.

That’s not the behaviour I’m seeing. And I’m using Chrome on iPhone most of the time.

Must check if the same happens on my iMac, where Chrome is similarly my default browser.