Same post appeared as "New" in my "Latest" list - Twice!

The below post first appeared as New, I looked at it, and chose not to respond or follow.

Later, after @DaveR changed the topic, it appeared as “New” again!

Anyone else notice this?

I Noticed the same thing.

I’m not sure this is a bug. When additional posts are added to a thread, the thread will appear as new (with a blue dot at the end) under the “Latest” category until the thread is reviewed again. This is probably a Discourse issue rather than the Forum specifically.

Not so! A post which you’ve read when initially new will show up if a new reply appears with a blue circled count of unread replies. And will be counted as “Unread”, not "new.

And yes, it likely is a Discourse problem - which is why I raised it in the Meta category.

Although I’m a member of the Discourse forum, I’m unlikely to bring this over to them until and unless it starts happening frequently and repeatedly. My interactions on that forum lead me to believe that the frequent posters are a bunch of primadonnas with whom I choose not to interact unless driven by overriding need.

I think this is because the post was edited, so it gets marked as new again.

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